What is Ubuntu?

What is an operating system?

You are an awesome person who bought a computer on black friday deal. Well, now you are wondering how computer function? or what is it actually?

A computer is a machine which does what you tell him to do. It follows the commands. Just like when you were a child and you learn how to speak, walk, read etc..

A computer understand binary language one or zero. A program basically converts binary language into a human readable format.

When you type something on your computer and this characters are displayed on your computer this is what a program do. It takes human instructions and convert it into a computer language.

This is how a computer talk to human. Well, a program that does this job is called operating system or OS. An operating system can run different programs and applications.

For example: you open a web browser or a notepad or any other software. I hope you got my point here let's move on.

What is Ubuntu?

Ubuntu is an ancient African word meaning ‘humanity to others’. It is linux based operating system freely available on internet basically to use ubuntu os you don't need to pay.

You can use ubuntu as a desktop or a web server. That is why ubuntu is a popular operating system for web developers because they can run their websites on it.

You can do following things with ubuntu:

  • Install on your computer and learn
  • You can install different apps or softwares on ubuntu
  • You can use for website development
  • You can run ubuntu as a web server

How to install Ubuntu?

If you are ready to learn something new and want to install a new operating system on your local machine or computer you can follow the link below:

Install Ubuntu Desktop

Once you installed ubuntu desktop on your computer you can do a lot of cool things. Stay tune for my tutorials related to ubuntu operating system.