What are variables in php?

PHP Variables

learn about different types of php7 variables and how they are used in php applications.

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How to write a php code?

Basic Syntax

learn about basic syntax for php language and start writing your first code.

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How to create scroll to top functionality using Jquery?

Scroll To Top

learn how to create jquery scroll to top functionality using step by step tutorial

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What is Web Development?

Web Development

Learn about how to code and what is web development in order to become a web developer or designer

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Beginners tutorial for php

What is PHP?

PHP, stands for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor, is a server-side scripting language used for web development to make dynamic web pages.

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What is JQuery?


JQuery tutorial for beginners, learn all about jquery language and become and expert with it.

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How to use ajax using jquery?

What is AJAX?

a detail example about jquery ajax method and how to use it with get and post request

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What is git flow?

Git Flow

git-flow are a set of git extensions to provide high-level repository operations for Vincent Driessen's branching model.

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How to setup a git repository?

How to use git?

How to setup a git project, new empty git project or check out existing git project from the remote server.

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How to work with remote git repository?

Working with remote

Step by step tutorial on git remote repositories. How to perform different git operations on remote repository.

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Useful Git Commands

Git Cheetsheet

List of commonly used git commands like git commit, git add, git config, git merge, git checkout, git status etc..

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Git beginners tutorial


Git is a very popular versioning system used for web development projects. It keeps track of all your changes called revisions.

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