About Us

Sandip Patel:  Founder

Hey Everyone! Sandip here. I am passionate about blogging in the programming field. I started learning programming 12 years back and found that my passion lies in this field. I started to create small blog websites using different programming languages from scratch and was becoming better at it.

I work hard to keep my passion alive. I am passionate about sharing my ideas to other developers. During my free time I like to write good articles to help the developer community out there. I believe developers make a lot of efforts to share their knowledge and help others. I have a similar vision to help others and expand my knowledge where it lacks

I have been working as a full stack developer for the last 10 years. I love working with Laravel/Lumen or node js as a framework as backend and front end languages like react, vue js. Programming is a very creative field. You always learn something from somewhere and you think I know everything but that is not true.

Dhruti Parekh: Co-Founder

Hello Everyone, I am Dhruti Parekh, an experienced and efficient Full Stack Developer by profession.

I started to learn programming 15 years ago back in school and somehow I felt this is the field I want to study deep into and make my career or profession in programming. I graduated with my Bachelors of Engineering in Computer Programming and Technology degree and also Computer Programmer and Analyst degree.

I worked as a lecturer in University for a few months and then I joined the IT company as I was not enjoying teaching compared to programming something every day and facing new challenges while making web apps and softwares.

I developed many websites, web apps and mobile apps  during my study and also in companies. I worked on multiple programming languages  and frameworks over the years and at some point me and my partner Sandip decided to design and develop our own blog as a hobby and passion we both have.

  • We hope you guys are enjoying our blog and appreciate our effort writing countless articles. If you want us to write a better article do suggest us via contact us page about what we should improve in writing and what keeps you reading our blogs.

  • We appreciate that you have been with us so far. Let us help you learn something better and something new you never learned and wish to learn.