What is laravel 9?

Laravel9 is a php language based MVC framework intended to ease web development process for developers. It comes with many built in features that developers can use to ease their development process.

Laravel 9.x requires a minimun of PHP version of 8.0.

Laravel is very easy to learn and follows MVC pattern and can be used to write simple to complex web applications.

There are many php framework out there however I personally love laravel due to ease of use and it comes with many built in features that every developer loves.

What are the advantages of using Laravel framework?

Followings are some of the major benefits of using Laravel framework:

  • Eloquent ORM
  • Artisan CLI
  • MVC architecture
  • Easy to learn and understand
  • Built in Pagintor
  • Built in Json Response
  • Securtiy
  • Blade Template Engine
  • Database Migrations
  • Built in Multi-language support
  • Background Jobs/Queues
  • Unit Testing
  • Dependecy Injection
  • Real time events
  • Scalability
  • Comes with different packages for
    • Authentication i.e. Laravel Breeze/Fortify
    • Billing/Subscription i.e. Laravel Cashier
    • Browser Automation and Testing i.e. Laravel Dusk
    • Remote Task Manager i.e. Laravel Envoy
    • Local Development i.e. Laravel Sail/Homestead

The list goes on an on if I am to describe all details. We will learn all features of laravel in this series of Laravel 9 tutorials.

Laravel 9 continuously making improvement to Laravel 8.x by introducing support for:

  • Symfony 6.0 components
  • Symfony Mailer
  • Flysystem 3.0
  • Laravel Scout database driver
  • New Eloquent accessor/mutator syntax
  • Other bug fixes

What are the best features in Laravel 9?

Followings are some of the new features introduced in Laravel 9:

  • Minimum PHP requirement is now 8.0
  • Uses PHPUnit 8
  • Uses Symfony v6.0
  • Anonymous Stub Migration
  • New Query Builder Interface
  • New Design for routes
  • String function

In next tutorial we will learn about how to install Laravel 9 framework on different operating systems,