What is laravel framework?

Laravel is an open source php language based mvc framework used by php developers to build mobile or web applications.

Laravel comes with lots of built in features that saves tons of development time for developers. You can write clean and beautiful code by using minimal syntax required.

Laravel has following built in features that saves a lot of development time for developers:

  • Authentication
  • Routing
  • Sessions
  • Caching
  • Migration
  • Seeding
  • Background Jobs/Queues
  • Emails

Imagine you writing a web app from scratch you will have to go through lot of pain by developing following feaures in your application.

  • writing route mechanism
  • writing session related classes
  • writing caching mechanism
  • handling request and responses
  • writing code for background tasks, emails
  • writing migration process
  • writing authentication, validation etc..

Using mvc like laravel makes it easy for you. You will get all of above and lot more when you install laravel. You do not have to write single code to handle above functionality.

All you need to do is to start creating pages in mvc fashion. Let laravel handle all security related stuff for you.

What are the main features of laravel framework?

Laravel comes with lots of built in features that you can use. Followings are some of the core features of laravel framework that you can use.

Laravel also comes with some other official packages that you can install along with laravel framework:

How do I start learning laravel?

In order to learn laravel you got to have some patience first. You wont be able to get everything at once. Followings are the steps by steps instruction on how to get started with laravel.

Once you learned about routes and little bit of mvc you will be able to create pages in laravel. Moving onto next steps you have to improve your knowledge regarding following things:

Once you know better regarding request, response and middlewares you will have deeper knowledge about how request and response works.

Next, learn about how to efficiently use following features:

Then learn about how you can use laravel built in authentication feature:

Now, at this level you are pretty much intermediate laravel developer. To learn advance concepts you need to have knowledge about following features:

Hope this tutorial is quite helpful for new learners. Feel free to suggest anything if I missed regarding this article by writing comments below.