What is web development?

We need to first understand the web development process in order to get started with a new programming language. Web development is a process of creating mobile or web applications.

What should I know to build a website?

To create a website you need to have following skills:

  • basic knowledge of html language
  • basic knowledge of css language
  • basic knowledge of javascript/jquery language
  • basic knowledge of server side programming languages like php, python, java etc..
  • basic knowledge of how to deploy a website to the world

Take your time to understand the concept and you will automatically learn different languages without any problems. My goal is to tech you basic concepts and slowly teach you how to create dynamic websites using php language.

Let's understand some of the basic concepts of web development in this tutorial.

What tools do I need to create a website?

To create a website you will need following tools.

  • A computer with operating system
  • A web browser to see a website
  • An editor to write a code i.e. notepad++ or any other
  • knowledge of setting up a website locally on your computer
    • a server to run our website
    • a programming language installed i.e. php
    • a web browser
    • code editor
    • database to store website related data

How website work on internet?

You want to learn how websites run on internet right? Let's look at how things work in general.

John Doe bought a new mac laptop. He goes to his home and call local internet service provider to get an internet connection.

A ISP ( internet service provider) guy comes to John house and set him up with internet connection. John is excited to see how internet works.

John opens his mac latop and using wi-fi he wants to search something on web. Well, to search something on a web he needs a web browser.

What is a web browser?

A web browser is a software that allows you to open and browse different websites. John opens a safari web browser which comes by default in a mac computer.

John was told by his friend about a google website. He opens writes www.google.com in his web browser and hits enter. A magic happens and he sees google website he types in something in a google input box and hit enter.

While searching for different website he think about creating a website. He wants to learn how he can create a website and publish on internet so that other people can see his website.

He needs to install following things on his computer to create a website.

  • a web browser which he already know about
  • a web server
  • programming languages
    • html
    • css
    • javascript/jquery
    • php
  • a text or code editor to write a program

What is a web server?

A web server is basically handles the request and responses via http. Http is a protocol to spread information on a web. For example, http://www.google.com

John opens a web browser and types http://www.google.com. Basically, he types a website address with http protocol.

John wants to see a website so he is making a web request by hitting a website name on the other side google website is hosted on a web server which takes the request from John and respond with data or a web page.

What is a web page?

A web page is a document which can be displayed on a web browser like firefox, chrome, safari etc.. A web page is made using following technologies:

  • html (hyper text markup language)
  • css
  • javascript

What is a request and response?

When John opens a web browser like safari and types a website name. Soon as he hit enter a request goes to google web server ( a remote computer ) which checks the request and know what to respond with.

There are two parts here:

  • Client Side ( Johns computer)
  • Server Side ( google web server)

I know it is a little bit of confusing however I promise that you will learn the best at the end.

What languages are used on client side?

A client side ( John's computer ) has a web browser. When remote server ( a google server ) response with data browser takes the data and display as a web page.

On client side ( John's computer) following languages are executed:

  • html i.e  a web page
  • css ( defines a website colors, tables, text size etc...)
  • javascript ( controls the buttons or clickable elements on a web page)

What languages are used on server side?

A web server ( a remote computer ) needs to have following things in order to serve a web request:

  • an operating system like linux
  • programming language like php, python or any other backend language
  • a database to store data i.e. optional if you do not want to store data
  • a web server like apache or nginx to handle request/response

What did you learn today?

  • you know learned about how websites work on internet
  • you now know about client and server machine
  • now you know what is client side language and what is server side language
  • now you know what to learn in order to create a website

In upcoming tutorial, we will learn about server side language called php.  Using php how we can create dynamic website and publish on internet so that other people can find your website.

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